Gigabit Capable, Fibre Only, Telecoms Infrastructure

Founded in 2018 Full Fibre delivers future-proofed, ultrafast / Gigabit-capable, full-fibre broadband, giving cities, towns, villages, businesses and homes the fastest available broadband. We are currently deploying networks in Shropshire, Herefordshire and Devon.

As homes and businesses become more technically advanced and their data requirements increase, we will see current infrastructure struggle to meet these demands. Pure fibre broadband is the only truly future-proofed option. Issues with the current copper heavy infrastructure are compounded by the often sporadic coverage. Full Fibre focuses on tackling this and the ensuing digital divide through community inclusion: we build to every premises in our coverage areas, we work with the community and local authorities to minimise the impact of our civils works where possible and we work with our service providers to provide education to consumers.

Wholesale Only Delivery

Full Fibre focuses exclusively on delivering wholesale broadband networks.  We enable our partners and service providers to order, supply and support end-users over our network.  Our order processes fit in with methodology already familiar to those using other wholesale networks, streamlining the integration prices, and higher-margin offerings encourage faster adoption. Our providers are available to order from our consumer-facing site iNeedFibre

A Technical Approach

Full Fibre approaches network delivery in an innovate and technology led manor, allowing us to lead the way in the UK wholesale market. Delivery of cutting edge mapping, BSS and OSS software, alongside a full suite of API tools for wholesale partners, allows us to dramatically reduce both our build costs and central overheads. It allows us to better scale our delivery and provides continuous and accurate data to stakeholders on the business’s performance.